When it comes to Halloween costume ideas, animal ones for men is one of my favorites. In fact, I even have a few of my own! I’m not the only one who thinks so; this particular style of costume has been popular with men all year, so you’ll find plenty of photos and reviews on the internet when you do a search for “costume of the week.” If you’re looking for a unique male Halloween outfit that everyone will talk about, this might be an option you want to try this year.

Animal Onesie for Men Reviewed
For starters, there’s the “Sultan’s Cat” or “My Neighbor totoro onesie” for women. This whimsical animal print pajamas are made from polyester and are available in sizes small through to adult X-large (size M). Like the “Sultan’s Cat” outfit Giraffe Kigurumi Onesie Costumes these pajamas come in several colors and are available in a few different patterns, including stripes or basic kittens and puppies. You can order these online and they come with the appropriate accessories such as zipper neck and stuffing.

My neighbor totoro onesie for women also is another great animal costume choice. It’s a black and pink bodysuit with a short panda-like skirt and bow-tie combo. It’s a cute and adorable Halloween kit for adults, and like the “Sultan’s Cat” outfit, it comes with the appropriate accessories.

A unique animal Halloween costume for men would be the “mittens” worn by both teens and adults. These unisex pajamas come in animal print or simple camouflage. They include the typical furry animal patches on the legs and sleeves. The “mittens” don’t have sleeves and are designed to slip over an undershirt or blouse. These adult unisex animal PJs are quite popular at adult parties.

The last of the animal PJs reviewed here is the tagger deluxe. This adult male Halloween costume comes in animal print with grey faux fur trim. The bodysuit is a long sleeved velour style, and the pants, like the cat and pony outfits, are sheer with black faux fur banding on the thighs and bottom. The tagger deluxe has an attached belt but without a toy belt so that little ones can get in their hands and play with this realistic looking animal PJs!

The t-shirts, leggings and pants for these animal onesies for men really are the best value, especially when you consider that the men’s enemies come in solid colors such as black and brown, or animal prints such as tiger, moose or bears. This gives you a great variety of color options so that your little ones can dress their favorite animal for Halloween. The quality materials used in making these t-shirts, leggings and pants make them ideal for use as a Halloween costume wear and perfect for giving as gifts to friends and family members during the holidays.