Watches with Big Three Pointers

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Some people think that classic is the product of the current thought together with the modern people worshiping the ancient, however the conservatives argue that there also has a classic human common aesthetic experience as the foundation, such as harmony of music, the subtlety of mathematical. Most people are constrained by time, but there also is the same classic, modern catwalk models is always tall and slender. And watch is as people, different style of “five senses” presents a wrist watch and the wearer of different “temperament” and “personality”.
Blancpain big three pointers watches carefully deduce the axiom of beauty
Famous for its concise watch dial, the big thee pointers can be the classic face of in the wrist watch industry. As a “features”, the three hands of minutes, hours and seconds are the most efficient and clear way to delivery time information, and it has become a symbol of the concept of hour meter, and the general certificate symbols. Good at concise and elegant interpreting the chronometer essence, the Blancpain has big three needle watches with different shapes of Pointers, or natural, or elegant, or nifty, or hale and hearty, under the careful deduce of Blancpain, each watch is sending out the classic outstanding dazzling glorious light. As for this splendor there is somewhat from the axioms of eternal beauty, and somewhat from a shrine for a period of time in the past, but believe that when you put it on the wrist, concentrate on it, in the heart you can have the answer.

For this Rolex Explorer, it is also a big three pointers watch, and it is featuring Fixed 24Hours Indication Bezel, Genuine Swiss ETA 2836-2 Modified Automatic Movement, stainless steel watch case in the size of 42mm, waterproof of 10 meters and 440Stainless Steel watch case.